I’m an Executive Coach for successful business owners, directors and leading professionals.

I work with my clients to get laser focused on their business purpose, clarify their vision and identify the right strategy and resources to execute, so that they deliver the impact they are seeking to achieve.

Pure coaching

I work as a ‘pure’ coach based on the Myles-Downey ‘Coaching-Mentoring Continuum’ (Downey, 2014). What I mean by this is that some coaches operate at the ‘Mentoring’ end of the spectrum, being more directive with their coaching such as by imparting information, experience, or by giving advice. There are scenarios where this is entirely appropriate based on the business relationship, the context for the coaching and what the client is ultimately seeking to achieve. I operate at the ‘Coaching’ end of the spectrum which is a non-directive, impartial and objective approach, using active listening and effective questioning techniques.

I find this approach gets the best outcomes for my clients by identifying blindspots in their thinking, challenging unhelpful assumptions and unconscious limiting beliefs, and uncovering new options and solutions. Working with me means that not only do you get to the right solution, you also tap into your agency to deliver it and achieve the results you desire.

Coaching principles

As an ILM Level 7 certified Executive Coach, my practice is underpinned by an ethical framework and my coaching is also grounded in a range of principles taken from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) code of conduct and practice.

My ethos as your coach is that you are the expert in your own unique context and therefore you ultimately know what is the right outcome for you. My job is to help you to identify it.

My role as your coach

My job is to create an environment where you are able to be honest and open with yourself and to be able to talk through your thoughts, beliefs, aspirations and fears in a trusted environment, free from judgement.

I can help you to unpack a situation, help you to separate fact from what is assumed, and to test out different possible courses of action. Doing this will help you to see the likely intended and unintended consequences of any actions or decisions you are contemplating. Having the space to do this means you get really clear on the right course of action for you and your business.

Taking action

Effective coaching recognises you as the agent for change and will enable you to feel empowered and able to take the actions required to shift you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Coaching isn’t a panacea and the results you get are entirely dependent on the actions you’re willing to take, with my support of course.

The real benefit of coaching and indeed my own integrity as a coach, is based upon the right coach-coachee relationship so if this type of coaching isn’t for you, that’s ok! I’ll be clear if I think I am not the right coach for you and where I can, I’ll try to sign post you in the right direction.

Find out if coaching with me is right for you!

I love working with successful, purpose-driven leaders who are open and curious. Book a complementary consultation call with me during which I can tell you more about the style of coaching I offer, the coaching process and we can discuss the topics or areas of development you may have identified and are thinking of exploring during coaching.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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