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Ethical impact coaching for you and your business

Executive coaching with me will mean you:
• Overcome the pressure that you are not doing enough
• Lead the business you are proud of
• Achieve the impact you desire.

Integrity Executive Coaching works with ethical, responsible and
sustainability-conscious business leaders to achieve greater impact.

My clients include ethical change-makers and influencers, values-led professionals and sustainability innovators encountering challenges including:

  • Being too busy to “lead” their businesses
  • Feeling isolated from their peers, working with colleagues or stakeholders who are not aligned with their mission
  • Paralysed by a difficult business decision or course of action
  • Feeling guilty they are not doing enough, or letting people down
  • Experiencing overwhelm, procrastination or a loss of agency, drive and
  • Unclear on their purpose and not getting the results they expect in their business and life.

Integrity means: Right for the business, right for the client, right for
society and the planet.

Victoria led a workshop on Positive Intelligence Saboteurs for our London based Student Wellbeing team. The saboteur’s pre-session assessment in itself generated some interesting office-based discussion!

My aim with booking this session was to gain a better understanding of saboteurs and how this knowledge might help us to cope better in life and work. As a wellbeing team we are already quite self-aware, and always interested in learning more, and finding strategies and tools that we can then share with students. Our Student Wellbeing vision statement is to enhance our service through the development of preventative strategies to help keep ourselves mentally healthy, and in turn, enable us to empower students to thrive.

Victoria’s session was informative, clear, fascinating and also provided us with some easy to use and effective key take-aways. We are now looking forward to introducing students to their saboteurs too!

BIMM (July 2024)
Thank you so much for your time this morning. I found the session invaluable.

I found your coaching method worked well for me and put me at ease straight away. I am glad I signed up and look forward to working on my vision, my why and my mission to get to where I need to be with my business.

Jenny, Business Owner (January 2024)
You ask really good, insightful questions! You also let me talk, and give me space to finish, which I really appreciate. Your questions really get me thinking, and seem to be right ones that are needed at the time! Giving me space to finish is good, as I often need time to reflect… I also like the way in which you ask questions, and make suggestions, in terms of the way you word them. I can’t remember exactly the words you use, but there’re no “shoulds” implied in the way you ask the questions, which is good.
Ian, Business Owner (December 2023)

Victoria and I went through the challenges, opportunities and potential pitfalls as I launch a new startup venture. Out of (what seems like hundreds) of jobs that need attention we were able to identify and prioritise what needs attention first. These may have seemed obvious, but it is assuring to be able to talk it through and build confidence in what needs to be done first.

I was impressed with how quickly Victoria got a grasp of what I am hoping to achieve and she helped me look at both the potential ups and downs resulting in feeling more prepared for what will be thrown at me.

I would recommend speaking to a coach if you feel at all unsure or, like me, like you’re drowning in the never ending to do list.

Mike King, Entrepreneur (October 2023)
“Working with Vicki has helped me to look at what we are doing as an organisation, but just as importantly what I as an individual am doing within that organisation, and how sustainable that is long term.  With the skills Vicki has taught us we know how to get ourselves back on track.

Vicki helped us understand ourselves better, understand each other better, understand our strengths and weaknesses better, and most importantly what we needed to do to look after ourselves and our much-loved organisation moMENtum.

The whole coaching process with Vicki was reassuring and enjoyable. It felt like we had someone to calm the rough waters we were sailing through and to point us in the right direction when we were getting lost in unfamiliar seas. I couldn’t recommend Vicki highly enough.”

Russell Dawson, Co-Director (April 2023), moMENtum CIC Devon
“Vicki helped me determine where I could develop skills. It has really been an exploration of confidence building to come to see and believe you have the skills to develop a social enterprise.

To have someone like Vicki with oversight is so valuable when you are so caught up in everyday running. Helping us with things like establishing Core Values, forward planning, funding, prioritising.

Vicki has enabled us to structure that without loosing site of our passion and values.”

John Slater, Co-Director (April 2023), moMENtum CIC Devon

“Vicki is a flexible and intuitive coach, she is very willing to adapt her approach in the moment and brings a real honesty to the process. I sense a genuine interest and passion for helping people connect with themselves on a deeper level with a playful curiosity.”

Kate McCoy, Artistic Director (May 2023), Small Performance Adventures

This was a great coaching session without bias or demands. Victoria asked me what my goals were, also to envisage what I wanted both personally, and financially, and gave me suggestions as to how to achieve them or start the journey to achieving them. There was a sensitivity to the conversation, and I felt that I was in a safe space to say what was going on in my life without judgment. I left the meeting feeling more positive, and to be able to make the first step on this new and exciting journey.

Clare, Business Owner (August 2023)

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