“The whole coaching process with Vicki was reassuring and enjoyable.”

As moMENtum grew from a purely voluntary organisation into a registered Community Interest Company with full time members of staff, it became obvious that we needed some support from someone with skills we didn’t have. As an organisation run for survivors by survivors, we had plenty of skills when it came to understanding and supporting male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, but very little understanding of business structure, business plannings, budgets, long term funding, what to say yes to and what to say no to, when to ask for professional help, what to delegate and what to prioritise, Vicki has helped with all of this and much more. Working with Vicki has helped me to look at what we are doing as an organisation, but just as importantly what I as an individual am doing within that organisation, and how sustainable that is long term. We still fall into the same unhealthy, unsustainable patterns of the past, but at least we can see that we’re doing it now and more importantly with the skills Vicki has taught us we know how to get ourselves back on track.

The overall process of our coaching with Vicki reminded me of the supportive, insightful, nourishing process you would have with good relationship counsellor. Vicki helped us understand ourselves better, understand each other better, understand our strengths and weaknesses better, and most importantly what we needed to do to look after ourselves and our much-loved organisation moMENtum.

The whole coaching process with Vicki was reassuring and enjoyable. It felt like we had someone to calm the rough waters we were sailing through and to point us in the right direction when we were getting lost in unfamiliar seas. I couldn’t recommend Vicki highly enough, I’m sure as moMENtum Devon C.I.C. continues to grow we will be asking Vicki for her expert guidance.

Russell Dawson – Co-Director 
moMENtum Devon CIC

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