Let me explain what I mean.

I recently coached a client who was grappling with a new business opportunity and of all the associated actions required to move the venture forwards, was unclear where to start.

First off, this opportunity would mean giving up another piece of work so we began the session by getting clear on what this meant. There was some reluctance about giving up on something which this client thought they “should” do, versus something which really energised them and gave them purpose as well as being more financially beneficial. We all have bills to pay after all.

Once we had clarified this, the client was able to focus 100% on the new business venture guilt-free. I asked a broad question to establish the context. It quickly became clear that there were lots of unknowns, variables and assumptions related to this venture. A few of these assumptions were highlighted and we explored each in turn to understand why it was an assumption, what would need to happen to make it reality or a fact, and the implications of these now known-knowns. From here it became apparent that whilst there were lots of things that needed to be done to move the business forwards, there was one key element which needed to be agreed before any of these other aspects could be enacted. This element was in turn contingent upon a number of other things that were playing out which needed to be confirmed and which were out of the control of the client.

At this point, the client was able to see that there was no immediate action that they needed to take and that, as much as they wanted to, they knew that they had to be patient and that taking no action, was in this situation, the right action. Not in a passive way, but in an intentional way, having being considered objectively and systematically.

From this new position of calm and confidence, we could then forecast forwards and consider what actions would need to be taken at the right point in time, and in which order and with which contingencies in place.

And that was it.

It seems so simple and in reality, most of the time, things are that simple. When we allow ourselves the space and time and with the right framework of support (coaching!) to help us to untangle all the things that are whirling around in our brains, we can look at them in a logical way with a fresh perspective that enables us to operate from certainty, even when, as was the case with this client, that there was no immediate action to take, other than practicing patience.

The hardest thing when running a business is the hard reality that no matter how hard we try, we are not in control of everything, and sometimes, we just need to sit back and let things unfold. This can feel counter-intuitive and darn right uncomfortable. But working with a coach or trusted advisor, it is possible to arrive at this conclusion and let go with confidence and peace.

And if you don’t just want to take my word for it, here is what my wonderful client had to say:

“Victoria and I went through the challenges, opportunities and potential pitfalls as I launch a new startup venture. Out of (what seems like hundreds) of jobs that need attention we were able to identify and prioritise what needs attention first. These may have seemed obvious, but it is assuring to be able to talk it through and build confidence in what needs to be done first.

I was impressed with how quickly Victoria got a grasp of what I am hoping to achieve and she helped me look at both the potential ups and downs resulting in feeling more prepared for what will be thrown at me.

I would recommend speaking to a coach if you feel at all unsure or, like me, like you’re drowning in the never ending to do list.”

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