Hot seat executive coaching for ethical leaders who run purpose-driven companies.

How does hot seat coaching work?

Sessions are run in small and intimate groups of around 4 participants operating in an ethical business context.  Attendees who are willing and brave enough, get to have a go in the “hot seat” and get coached on a live topic.  For each person getting coached, it will typically last around 20 minutes per person. During this time, the others in the room are effectively “silent witnesses” observing, but not participating in the coaching experience.

Participants are encouraged to come ready with a live topic and be prepared to get coached in the moment.

What kinds of topics are relevant for hot seat executive coaching?

Examples of topics commonly raised during hot seat coaching include:

  • Overwhelm and burnout
  • Clarity around purpose, motivation or direction
  • Feeling isolated from peers or family and close friends
  • Time management (procrastination, too much on your list, how to say no) and effective delegation (how to get results through others)
  • Organisational performance and culture challenges including challenges with employee engagement and experience, and staff performance, alignment around mission and values
  • Navigating complex and difficult organisation decisions, identifying options, potential consequences and impact, to take the decision that is right for the business.

All attendees are encouraged to come ready with a live topic.  Participants are also encouraged to be mindful of what is achievable in the session, and also to enable others to get coached in the time available.

Who is hot seat coaching aimed at?

Hot seat coaching is for ethical business leaders feeling the dual burden of running a company AND trying to change the world.  That’s quite a responsibility!

It can feel isolating to run any business let alone one that is purpose-driven.  This kind of hot seat coaching can help to alleviate those feelings of isolation by participating in a small group with leaders just like you!

I’ve created my hot seat coaching sessions for ethical leaders who are:

  • Continually pressed for time
  • Don’t have the headspace to look up and think strategically
  • Haven’t experienced coaching before and investing in a package feels daunting
  • Have a live business issue they are grappling with
  • Need a quick resolution and a way forwards
  • Crave feeling understood and validated.

What are the benefits of hot seat coaching?

Hot seat coaching isn’t for the feint-hearted!  It takes courage to share your business challenges in front of other business leaders.  Yet the benefits to this style of hot seat coaching in an intimate and safe group are multifold:

  1. Participants getting coached have the opportunity to get clarity and a tangible way forwards for a specific challenge they are encountering in real life.
  2. All attendees witness and learn from other business leaders’ experiences which can be really powerful in illuminating fresh insights about their own context, through the experiences of others.
  3. All those attending get to observe coaching in real time which is the best way of gaining insight to coaching as a management and leadership tool for their own professional development and for their respective businesses.
  4. Effective and low-cost option for those who don’t have a large L&D budget yet still require support.
  5. Especially useful for anyone who hasn’t invested in executive coaching before and is curious to see how effective it can be.
  6. Get to feel validated, heard and understood by participating with other ethical leaders experiencing challenges just like you.


  • Sessions are held online on Zoom and attendees will receive a calendar invite and Zoom call details as well as a welcome email to confirm your booking.
  • Sessions will be up to 2 hours, depending on the number of participants and the topics raised.
  • Coaching is typically 20 minutes per person in the hot seat.
  • It’s not always possible to get round everyone in the time available.  It is unethical to stop coaching mid-way through a topic, this means some topics take longer to coach on, especially if they are complex.
  • It is always encouraged that anyone with a burning issue or topic raises their hand to go first.
  • Participants are also encouraged to be mindful of what is realistic in the timeframe available and to consider others when raising a topic.

Confidentiality considerations

Each group session operates on a Chatham House Rule basis.  Attendees are invited to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable. It is not a requirement that any specific personal details are shared for any coaching. Attendees may of course wish to keep their business name and role confidential.

If you are keen to explore how hot seat coaching can work for you, or you have further questions, you are welcome to get in touch:

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